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What was I thinking?

So it's official, I'm now considered a geriatric mommy (Is there a Geriatric Moms Anonymous group I can join?). I'm 35 years old and a (very) new mom and I'm slowly figuring out this whole momming business. In the midst of figuring this out, I'm also working from home because I figured I'd be able… Continue reading What was I thinking?

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Eight Months Pregnant, Say What?!

And just like that, it was December! Wow! What happened to the last few months??? I feel like I was just in Spain and came home to a time warp! These months have just flown - faster than any months in my life ever. To be honest, we've done very little in the way of… Continue reading Eight Months Pregnant, Say What?!

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A Pregnant Woman in Spain

Having planned my most recent trip well over 10 months ago, I had no idea I would be travelling pregnant. Since my pregnancy was relatively easy in my first trimester, I thought the travels would be a breeze. The initial decision to visit Spain was made in October of last year. My longtime friend, Jason,… Continue reading A Pregnant Woman in Spain

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Our Biggest Adventure is Beginning

Originally I was going to write this post as more of a diary, but it was getting really long, so I'm keeping that part to myself! It has been a while since I've written anything that wasn't work-related. Part of that is just sheer exhaustion and I can only muster up the energy to do… Continue reading Our Biggest Adventure is Beginning

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Tours or Solo Travel? How to Decide Which is For You

As you're planning your upcoming trip, you might be wondering if a tour is worth it, or if you should go it alone. There are pros and cons to both, and the point of this blog is to help you figure out what is best for you. Independent travel can be incredibly liberating. You're free… Continue reading Tours or Solo Travel? How to Decide Which is For You

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4 Days in Mexico City | A City Built in Layers

You may have heard mixed thoughts about Mexico City; I know I did! It seems the city either rubs you the right way or the wrong, and there really isn't a grey area. In my experience, I loved it. Mexico City is a city of contrast. It's old and new, not even old but ancient! It's… Continue reading 4 Days in Mexico City | A City Built in Layers