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Solar Eclipse 2017

Afterthoughts of a Solar Eclipse

A few hours ago, many of us united in a single act, if only for a few minutes. As we gazed up at the sun wearing solar glasses, through special viewing boxes, or our own handmade cereal box pinhole projectors, we had peace. For a few seconds, we were all connected. We didn’t think about hate, greed, our differences. Egos were set aside, just for a moment.

I sat in a park this morning, armed with my homemade projector and a coffee. I was less than prepared for the solar eclipse. I watched as the light changed, as the shadows were more defined, as tiny crescents shone through the trees. I watched others in the park walking around, sharing their solar glasses with those who didn’t have them, excited by the amazing sight we were all sharing. I watched adults experience child-like joy, and kids as they learned something new. It was magic, if only for a moment.


If only we could treat each day as a solar eclipse. If only we could set aside all of our bitterness, ego, competition, hate, fear, and weaknesses and instead share our excitement, joy, talent, laughter, blessings, and strength with each other. With everything going on in the world, we need to treat each day like the blessing it is. Each day you get to make it what you want. You have the chance to tell those you love that you love them, give apologies to those you’ve wronged, and do better the next time around.

The solar eclipse gave me hope. I wish the same for you.


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