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Greece Part 2 – Paros and Mykonos

Thinking back…

To be honest, a lot of the rest of my Greece trip is really quite a blur. Come on, we’re talking 10 years ago. I remember bits and pieces, but not as clearly as Santorini. I think you always remember the sights and smells of the first time you land in a foreign country. Those first few days are always so clear.

After Santorini, there wasn’t much of a plan. The next ferry took me to Paros, where I got my second chance to dive the Aegean Sea. I had a tough time equalizing my ears, so I do remember it being a particularly uncomfortable dive trip.

Paros is a very windy island. It’s ideal for people that love to kite surf, and you’ll see plenty of people doing just that. I spent a lot of time walking on Paros. Walking from the hotel to the wharf area, where you can sit out on a patio right at the water’s edge. Apparently, I did not take any photos in Paros.


After Paros, I visited Mykonos. I ended up spending a great deal of time on Mykonos. The hotel was up on a hill and not too long of a walk to get down to the “downtown” area. There was a great selection of restaurants, bars, and beaches. Easy enough to get around by way of ATV or by foot, there is not a shortage of wandering you can do here.

One particular day, I went to the beach to lie out on the sand and catch some sun. I was just about to fall asleep, and I could see a shadow over me. I opened my eyes and there was a man in a speedo laying beside me. He smiled and said something in a thick Greek accent, (remind me to tell you the exact words when I see you!). Startled, I sat up and grabbed my towel, laughing, I replied, “Well, not with you.” He stood up and went to lie down just a few more feet away. So strange! It was then that I realized everything I had been told about Mykonos was true!

Mykonos is home to the treasury island of Delos. You can get there by a small passenger ferry, and it’s an incredible place to wander. There are ruins covering the whole island, with amazing mosaic floors, statues missing heads from years of looting, and a great museum where you can view some of the more precious finds.

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I learned the importance of traveling with flexibility while in Mykonos. There are some things you just can’t plan for – such as, elections that cause all ferries to be shut down, planning a trip to Delos on the only day of the week it’s closed, or walking to the wrong ferry port to catch your ferry to Ios. If you’re not on a guided tour, you really do have to learn to go with the flow.

The windmills atop the hills in Mykonos are absolutely stunning. There are also small churches dotted around the island with¬†million dollar views. It’s a beautiful island to explore with a happening nightlife. You’ll meet people from all over the world here, so it’s great if you love to be social!


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