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Back on Home Soil, And It Feels So Good

It’s hard to believe it has already been a month since I’ve been back in Canada. This month has just flown by, and with so many plans in the works, it doesn’t look like it is slowing down anytime soon. A few moments each day to catch some fresh air has proven crucial to keeping my head above water!

Looking back, the 2 months I spent in Mexico feels like a dream. It was less than a month ago, but so much is changing, it has been hard to reflect and get any writing done about the amazing experiences I had. Stay tuned, I will get there once this life tornado passes!

The last month has had some pretty great moments though. Between reconnecting with friends, checking out a new part of Vancouver I’d never spent much time in, looking for a new home, making plans for the future, pulling off a surprise birthday for Beto, and lots of cuddles with Otto, I’ve got a new outlook on life and what it’s looking like in the coming months.

Lynn Valley is a beautiful part of North Vancouver. It’s quiet, but has access to amazing trails within minutes, and is a great area to access the ski hills. If you’re traveling to Vancouver and prefer to be closer to nature, hit me up, I’ll give you the Air B&B listing info to the place we stayed (it’s dog-friendly, too!)

A few great dog-friendly trails nearby that I was able to check out on some walks with Otto:

Lynn Canyon Park is a 617-acre park that is easy to access by bus from the Seabus terminal, and it’s beautiful! There’s a suspension bridge over the canyon at a height of 50m, and the best part, it’s free! Don’t get me wrong, Capilano is beautiful, but for families on a budget, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is beautiful, and there are plenty of places to stop and sit down for a picnic! The park has several trails including the Baden Powell, but I totally recommend the 30 Foot Pool Trail, which would be an incredible place to take a dip in the river during summertime.

Lynn Canyon
Lynn Canyon

Lighthouse Park is located in West Vancouver and is really accessible from Lynn Valley. I love this park and over the years I’ve spent quite a bit of time here. It’s dog-friendly, off-leash friendly, and is really accessible for families. Lighthouse Park has a bunch of trails throughout, including one along the coast offering views of Vancouver on a clear day. Even on a foggy or rainy day walk, it’s one of my favourite places to take Otto for a day.

Lighthouse park
Lighthouse Park

Lynn Headwaters Park is located at the end of Lynn Valley Road. It’s so stunning and there are 54km of trails to choose from. With several leash-optional trails, it is great for dog owners. Leash-mandatory trails also exist, so it’s friendly for those who aren’t too fussy about pets. That said, if you have a fear of dogs, you may want to stick to trails that are not dog-friendly, as not all dog owners obey the signage.

Lynn Headwaters
Lynn Headwaters

Ambleside Park is a beautiful park in West Vancouver, with a great off-leash area for dogs. There’s usually a crowd on the weekends, but during the week it’s pretty quiet. It’s a nice place to catch some views of Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver City, and the passing ships. If you’re looking for something easy, it’s the easiest.

Ambleside Park

There are so many more amazing places, but if you’e looking for Dog-Friendly parks and trails, those are a few easily accessible options.

I am definitely excited to start this new life chapter. I’m so grateful for all of the amazing people that have helped us get this far, to those that came out and showed their support. Much love to you all!!

That’s all for now. I’m back on home soil, and it feels sooo good!

UPDATE: We moved in! I never had time to finish this blog before publishing, haha. So we are now in our new place, getting settled and checking out our new ‘hood. If you’re over on Vancouver Island, hit me up! We’d love to show you around!




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