The Geriatric Mommy

What was I thinking?

So it’s official, I’m now considered a geriatric mommy (Is there a Geriatric Moms Anonymous group I can join?). I’m 35 years old and a (very) new mom and I’m slowly figuring out this whole momming business. In the midst of figuring this out, I’m also working from home because I figured I’d be able to handle it all. What was I thinking? I don’t know why I thought I could do all of this just a few weeks after giving birth, but I’m giving it my all.

I wanted to start this part of my blog for a few reasons:

After I became pregnant with my son, Joseph, I quickly learned that I’m what doctors like to refer to as “Advanced Maternal Age” or “Geriatric”. Basically, ladies, if you’re 35 and over, we might as well be pushing around walkers and desperately trying to cover up our greys. I wanted (needed) to make light of this because as many women my age would agree, I could never have done this in my 20s.

I also wanted to share my ideas, thoughts, feelings, struggles, joys, maybe some recipes, some tricks, tips, etc., as I go along. I could share these things with my local Facebook mom group, but then I’d be wasting some good content, or giving it to someone else to share. I don’t like sharing, but am trying to get better at it now that I have to teach a child basic life skills.

Finally, I really just need an outlet. Being a mom is hard, but maybe I can make it easier on myself if I just let it all out.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned!

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