The Geriatric Mommy

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

Things don’t always go as planned. That has been a big realization for me as I enter my seventh month of motherhood.

Recently, the not completely unexpected happened, but it still threw me for a bit of a loop. I’ve found myself in a position of change, one where I could really do anything. But as many things are right now, I find it so overwhelming that I don’t know which is the direction I’m passionate about.

What I do know is, I want to enjoy some time just being a mom, without other expectations. I want to heal my body and mind. I want to enjoy spending time with Joseph, teaching him, and showing him new things. I want to read an entire book. I want to spend the evenings beside Beto talking about things that don’t have anything to do with parenthood.


I’ve had several people tell me to write a book, but where would I even begin? Sure, my life has been colorful, but what could I write about that would be worthy of more than the odd blog here and there?

I could go back to school.

I could go back to the travel industry.

I could continue content writing and social media management.

I could take some journalism courses and write more interesting articles, or an editing course and become an editor.

I could get back into makeup artistry.

I could spend more time learning about SEO and become an expert.

The possibilities are endless and yet they all seem daunting right now. I will know when it is the right time, of that I am sure.

For now, I feel like we are living day by day, accomplishing as much as the day will allow. We are finally getting back on track after a week of throwing a wrench in the sleep schedule. It was absolutely worth it to be able to see our friends get married and begin on their own adventure overseas.


I have a whole new appreciation for single moms after just a few days on my own while Beto was in Mexico for an exhibition. I can’t imagine doing it full time, but we made it through mostly unscathed. After just a couple of days back home we were back on track.

It is amazing to see how much Jo has grown these months. He’s almost crawling, but can sure get around by rolling where he wants to go. His teeth are coming in, he’s grabbing things, eating solids, drinking from a sippy cup, babbling all sorts of new sounds. This little person is just blooming in front of me, and all the scary moments melt away.

That’s it for now…there’s no rhyme or reason for this post. Just some random thoughts as I wait for my guy to wake up and take on a new day. #randomthoughtsthursday

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