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Sarah Bio PhotoHey, guys! I’m an independent contractor with specialization in content writing and social media management for the travel industry. I spent a long time as a travel agent and working within the travel industry. My experience as a travel agent was amazing. I was able to travel to incredible destinations, but I also learned so much! The best takeaway is that I can apply those skills and knowledge to how I travel now, which makes me a more conscious and responsible traveller.

In 2016, I switched gears to focus on promoting responsible travel through Holidays for Humanity. I currently write content for and manage all social media channels for all Holidays for Humanity brands including SEEtheWILD, Trek UnionGoVoluntouring, and most recently, Forks & Trowels. I can also be found as a contributing editor for CAUSEBOX’s Good News Online Magazine. I’ve also written for other travel channels as a ghostwriter. When not working, I can be found searching for my next travel destination, enjoying pizza & movie nights with my boyfriend, or exploring Vancouver’s dog-friendly parks and trails with my dog, Otto.

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