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The Butterfly Effect | Monarch Butterflies of Mexico

As I settle into our new home, I am finally looking forward to having some extra time to remember our adventures in Mexico. Our second weekend in Mexico was a bucket list item for me. I had the incredible opportunity to visit El Rosario Sanctuary and witness thousands of monarch butterflies that travel thousands of… Continue reading The Butterfly Effect | Monarch Butterflies of Mexico

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Paradise Found

I've written blogs before about disconnecting and detoxing from technology, I just didn't know I was in for that kind of vacation. Here's the scene, we'd finally reached our vacation days and were set to spend a few days in Yelapa, a remote beach town inaccessible by cars. We had booked our accommodations in an… Continue reading Paradise Found

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3…2…1…Takeoff! The First of 9 Weeks in Mexico

We were up pretty early on our departure day...well I was. Beto could pretty much sleep through anything, but when I am anticipating anything, I'm like a kid at Christmas. My mom and brother took us to the airport, where of course, we were right on time. It's as if the Mexican and Canadian times… Continue reading 3…2…1…Takeoff! The First of 9 Weeks in Mexico

Pueblos Mágicos
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Pueblos Mágicos – History, Culture & Natural Beauty

If you haven't visited Mexico outside of the tourist traps, you're missing out. I recently wrote a piece about a small portion of my trip. I felt like we did so much, but I barely scratched the surface on my two-week visit last summer. There is a certain magic to Mexico, you feel it when you're… Continue reading Pueblos Mágicos – History, Culture & Natural Beauty

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Viva Mexico!

An opportunity to change my life. Last summer, July 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico. I had never been there before and the chance was presented by my very new boyfriend. At first, I had declined the offer. I mean, we had JUST started dating, and while the plans to travel around… Continue reading Viva Mexico!