Mom working from home
The Geriatric Mommy

Chronicles of a Work-from-Home Mom

Sitting here gazing at the blinking line, my hair (what’s left of it, anyway) up in a ponytail, eyes puffy and red from a restless night of a teething baby, the front of my shirt ringed with dried milk and patches of drool. This is a picture of a new mom, the work from home… Continue reading Chronicles of a Work-from-Home Mom

The Geriatric Mommy

The Practice of Writing as Therapy

The last week of June I took part in the SEMrush Academy's Content Marathon. I was one of 673 participants and was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to complete it. I had intended for the week to help me hone in my writing skills for work and was planning to choose a topic… Continue reading The Practice of Writing as Therapy