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The First Year of Motherhood and a Global Pandemic

I started writing this blog before COVID19 became a global pandemic, before we were told to stay home. As with many things I start these days, it has taken a while to finish. It is a scary time for a lot of people, but I find myself searching for gratitude. I am grateful for my… Continue reading The First Year of Motherhood and a Global Pandemic

Mom working from home
The Geriatric Mommy

Chronicles of a Work-from-Home Mom

Sitting here gazing at the blinking line, my hair (what’s left of it, anyway) up in a ponytail, eyes puffy and red from a restless night of a teething baby, the front of my shirt ringed with dried milk and patches of drool. This is a picture of a new mom, the work from home… Continue reading Chronicles of a Work-from-Home Mom

The Geriatric Mommy

What was I thinking?

So it's official, I'm now considered a geriatric mommy (Is there a Geriatric Moms Anonymous group I can join?). I'm 35 years old and a (very) new mom and I'm slowly figuring out this whole momming business. In the midst of figuring this out, I'm also working from home because I figured I'd be able… Continue reading What was I thinking?